Heather Micklewright

When my best friend was pregnant, she invited me to be present for the birth of her baby.  Wanting to offer the best support I possibly could, I started reading and learning everything I could about birth.  After her baby arrived, I kept going, telling myself that it would be helpful when I had a baby of my own.  After several more babies between us, I was still reading and learning.  So in the summer of 2015, I started the birth doula certification process with Birth Arts International.  I’ve been in the process ever since (along with adding one more baby to my own family).  I’m passionate about improving birth outcomes and believe that every mother should have the support she needs while laboring. 

I am a graduate of Eastern University with a degree in Anthropology.  My husband and I met at a midnight breakfast in college, and and we have three boys who I affectionately refer to as my circus.  I love being rooted in Phoenixville where we've lived for the last 9 years and at the Church of the Good Samaritan which we've attended for 11 years.  When there’s a break from my little people, I enjoy reading, quilting, and making my own jam.  I'm an A(mbivert)NFJ and an enneagram 1 and will geek out about personality tests anytime.  I like learning about just about anything.